You Get What You Pay For

My Promise To Our Clients:

Every Creative Irrigation Company system shall be installed with the finest components available and with the highest standards in the industry. Every system we install shall have my personal seal of approval before we turn it over to you.

Brian Rodgers, President/Owner Creative Irrigation

Here are some examples of what's out there.  You've been warned! 
See how many times this has been repaired? Low Bid companies have to save time.  You pay later. 
Large holes left open and unsealed. Wire not buried. Okay or not?  Full line voltage exposed to little fingers. Hey, but I saved a bundle!

 Heads installed quickly above grade get eaten by mowers Now people, really? Lighting is supposed to beautify your home.

Isn't this the polar opposite of your intention? To be cheap you must rush. This is the result 
 Great. We can use the money we saved to replace the rotting window trim. I'm getting Vertigo. 
This is low bid irrigation.  Trenches shown are 3 months old!  Creative came in and re-installed the system.  This is the same day. 


                                Yeah, but they were "affordable"  Over 6' of exposed, unsupported PVC under 70psi of pressure. YGWYPF
 Folks, we have a winner... er, loser.   Pretty sure that's not what they paid for.


So what can go wrong?