"Different By Design" for Over 34 Years

Creative Irrigation & Lighting specializes in providing the design, installation and servicing of some of the most advanced and dependable lawn irrigation systems for the Northern Virginia, Maryland and DC Metro area.


A well designed and efficient irrigation system is an integral component to a healthy landscape.  Using an automatic sprinkler system is a convenient, resourceful, and rewarding way to water your landscape. If you are still watering your lawn with a hose or a manual sprinkler, you may be using up to 50% more water than your landscape needs, which isn't good for your wallet, or your lawn.

With our irrigation systems you can be sure that your lawn will receive the right amount of water, in the right spots, and at the right time. You can forget about the hassles you generally encounter when manually watering your lawn and have more free time to enjoy the results.


Creative Irrigation & Lighting’s reputation for quality is unsurpassed.  We pride ourselves on our unmatched professional service and dedication to quality in both materials and workmanship.  From start to finish, our expert crews attend to each and every detail of an irrigation project, ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

                                That's "Different by Design"


Smart Water Systems  

If you get a water bill, you already know the high price of water today.  Long gone are the days when water seemed an infinite resource. Today a poorly designed and maintained system will cost you hundreds of dollars a year.  The quality gap among irrigation companies is enormous!  Creative Irrigation & Lighting is a leader in Smart Water irrigation design and installation.  Whether a new install, or retro-fitting your existing irrigation system, Creative Irrigation & Lighting can help make your irrigation system a “Water Smart” system.  


Industry Leaders    

Creative Irrigation & Lighting takes the time to ensure landscaping is worked around, not through. Our emphasis is not on speed, but quality of product and workmanship.

There is no benefit to the client in our using a single manufacturer. If there was, we would do it! We select the components we use based on quality, performance and durability, not because their company will paint a logo on our trucks for free.

These choices allow us to stand behind our work and the products we use. 
 We believe we offer the best warranties across the DC Metro area.  Our irrigation installations carry a full 3 years parts and labor warranty.




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