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Drainage & Lawn Aeration

Northern Virginia's Drainage Experts Since 2003

Whether it’s a simple downspout system, a French Drain, lawn aeration or a lawn regrade that you need, our trained professionals will assess your drainage system and provide recommendations for the most impactful solution. Once the solution is in place, we’ll be sure to leave it beautiful as well, with new sod, decorative rock ground covers, and whatever else is needed to complete the landscape. 


Uncontrolled water can be devastating!

Protect your foundation, landscaping and decrease mosquitoes. Our time-tested, custom solutions for excess surface and subsurface drainage issues are solved by state-certified technicians with fixes including catch basins, elimination of water sources, downspout systems, French Drains, lawn aeration and regrades. 

Drainage Issues Sources 

►Homebuilders are not grading the residential community properly

►Neighbors and homeowners unknowingly building landscapes that block water drainage flow

►Silt flow creates a build up of water drainage and debris settling over time, creating low, wet areas

Lawn Aeration

Bring your lawn back to life! 

Roots need to breathe and have access to air and water in order to grow. If your lawn has more than 1/2 inch thick layer of thatch it will prevent healthy lawn growth. We test your system, flag the heads and aerate, seed and fertilize your lawn. Then your system is re-tested, repairs are made, and we program your controller all in one visit guaranteeing that sprinkler heads will not be damaged during your lawn aeration. Our simple, non-destructive aeration techniques will transform your lawn into the best in the neighborhood!


Homebuilders not grading the residential community properly.

Neighbors or homeowners unknowingly building landscapes that block water drainage flow.

Silt flow creating a build up of water drainage and debris settling over time, creating low, wet areas.

The Creative Irrigation & Lighting Difference:

Project Profile

Small Drainage Project in Oakton, VA

The Problem:

This customer had a low wet area in back yard that became a pond after every heavy rain. Compounding matters, the initial contractor hired had installed the basins to capture and drain the water too high out of the ground. (see #1 & #2)

The Solution:

Our team set out to both resolve the drainage issue and restore the backyard lawn to its once pristine condition. We first removed all existing pipes and drainage components before re-grading the area, so that water could easily flow toward the new drain boxes. We then installed a new 4” PVC drain pipe (see #4 to #7) from the left rear, down the left side of the house and out toward the lower left front yard (see #8 and #9). The trenches were dug by hand to insure proper slope for the pipe and to avoid damage to electrical and communication wires (see #8). Finally, our team refreshed the backyard with new sod, decorative rock and additional landscaping around the end of the drain pipe.

How to Install an EZ-Flo Drainage System

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