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Dramatically transform your outdoor space!

Custom lighting solutions guided by both function and style make a visual impact on your home and landscape. The result is stunning, increases safety and security and is cost-saving.

Lighting can transform an outdoor space and create the perfect ambiance for living and entertaining. A successful lighting system should be a methodical balance of light and shadows. It will highlight the architectural features of your home while the surrounding foliage is feathered in a warm glow.

Increasing visibility in transition areas, elevation changes, pathways, and dark corners with a gentle touch will increase your safety and security. You will be impressed at the visual impact simple lighting or complete architectural-grade LED upgrades can have on your home and landscape that are both practical and beautiful. 

LED fixtures and lamps guarantee years of hassle-free illumination at a lower cost than halogen lighting. Control your illumination with dependable astrological timers or smartphone-based apps.

Benefits of Outdoor Lighting

Security. Increasing visibility doesn't have to come at the expense of subtlety! Transition areas, elevation changes, pathways, and dark corners are lit with a gentle touch, providing just the right amount of light in just the right places. Safety and style go hand-in-hand with our unique lighting designs.

Artistry. Having designed lighting systems for 20 years, we understand how light plays on different surfaces and in different spaces. We excel not only at installing lighting systems, but creating individual lighting designs that are both practical and beautiful.

Smooth transition from day to night. Your enjoyment in your landscapes and hardscape doesn't have to end at sunset! Entertain, relax, and enjoy your unique creation in a whole new light.

Cost savings. Our architectural-grade LED fixtures and lamps guarantee years of hassle-free illumination, and at a fraction of the cost of halogen lighting.

Control. Options abound when it comes to controlling your illumination. From dependable and straightforward astrological timers to smartphone-based apps, lighting controls have never been more customized. We design each lighting control based on the particular needs of every client.

Professional installation. Our designs are subtle, original, and creative. Our installations are clean, efficient, and professional. See the “difference by design” when you work with us.

The finest names in the industry. Lighting is design -- and it demands flexibility. We select fixtures from a variety of industry-leading manufacturers, allowing us to stay as close to your vision as possible. We never sacrifice style or suitability.

Landscape Lighting Techniques


Accentuate the positive with facade lighting, which gently emphasizes the architectural highlights of your home, while keeping a good balance to the eye. Whether its beautiful stone, brick, columns or other details, a great lighting plan showcases the very best of your home’s design and layout.

Highlighting columns or other unique portico pieces with gentle facade lighting creates additional visual appeal and interest.

It’s important to create balance in your design, both horizontally and vertically. When working with a stone or brick patterns, it’s best to create interest with shadows. It would be a shame to front wash this beautiful stonework!


Properly designed pathlights artfully guide family and friends to a welcoming front door, gazebo or patio. But they can do much more!

In addition to elegantly lighting transition areas, pathlights create small scenes that combine different textures and colors to create a memorable space.

Where possible, it’s better to offset fixture placement for a more pleasing look.


Down lighting adds an air of magic to your patio.

Throwing shadows on a wall or fence can create a beautiful scene.

Creating a silhouette against a wall or fence can add more interest than typical uplighting.

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