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As a DC-metro area leader in irrigation, lighting, and draining solutions for the last 30 years, we specialize in giving you the outdoor space of your dreams. We pride ourselves in providing not only the very best customer service, but also the highest level of expertise in installation and service.

No matter how big or small the project, Creative Irrigation & Lighting has the proficiency, artistry, and commitment to delivering expert quality for all of your irrigation, landscape lighting and drainage needs.


Never worry about your lawn watering schedule again! We are experts in when – and how – your irrigation system needs to run. Save time and water with an irrigation system that takes into account sun coverage, topography, and unique plant needs. Our systems are not only efficient — they’re smart. Our WiFi-connected, weather-based irrigation controllers ensure maximum flexibility and control. Let us design and install a system that ensure your lawn and landscape receive the right amount of water, where it’s needed, without waste. 



The right lighting can dramatically transform any outdoor space. Each property is a blank canvas, waiting to be brought to life. We bring out the best in exterior areas with custom lighting solutions guided by both function and style. You will be amazed at the visual impact lighting can have on your home and landscape – not to mention the added safety it provides! From simple repairs to complete LED upgrades, Creative Irrigation has all of your lighting needs covered. 



Uncontrolled water can be devastating to your home and property. It can damage building foundations, ruin landscaping, and bring an increase of mosquitoes to your property. We bring time-tested, custom solutions to the problems that excess surface and subsurface water can cause. Whether it’s a simple downspout system, a French Drain, lawn aeration or a lawn regrade that you need, our trained professionals will assess your drainage system and provide recommendations for the most impactful solutions that work year-round.



Roots need access to air and water in order to grow healthily, and a build up of lawn thatch over time can block those nutrients to prevent healthy lawn growth. If you notice a layer of thatch more than half an inch thick then it may be time to aerate your lawn. We have specialized equipment and years of experience in bringing clogged lawns back to life with simple and non-destructive aeration techniques. From Irrigation to Lighting, Drainage to Aeration, Creative Irrigation is your answer to a healthier, brighter lawn you can be proud of.


Why Creative Irrigation?

Our results speak for themselves — and our happy customers speak for us! Over 90% of our new customers come from referrals, given to us with confidence from our clients and partners. We’ve been proud to serve the DC-metro area since 1989 under the same name, same ownership, and with the same commitment to quality. We promise to offer the Creative Irrigation distinction on every project we fulfill. 

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What Our Clients Say:

Dear Valued Clients:

Like you and your loved ones, all of us here at Creative Irrigation & Lighting are very concerned about the Corona virus and are doing everything we can to protect our customers and team members during this difficult time. We will be implementing the following common sense procedures in regards to our visits.

Outside Your Home
As you are aware, our business is primarily involved with the exterior of your home. In many cases when we visit your property, either to write an estimate or to perform our work, there is no need for us to step inside your home. If we do speak with you outside of your home, we always respect a six to ten-foot social distance. If you prefer, we can communicate entirely by phone.

Inside Your Home
Some of our visits may require that we enter your home, either to inspect Connections or Controllers. In order to perform those functions, we have equipped our team members with face masks & latex gloves. You may decide that the best course of action is for us not to enter the property and instead reschedule our meeting or installation for a later date.

We hope this notice finds everyone well, we will continue to monitor the situation, and we look forward to our continued relationship as this trouble eventually passes. Good health to all!

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