Creative Irrigation & Lighting understands that your home and outdoor living area is a special place.  We begin by looking at each property as a blank canvas.  Then, using light as our tool, we incorporate our experience, creativity and imagination, making your house look spectacular.


A successful lighting system should be an exchange of light and shadows, highlighting the architectural features of your home, surrounding trees and plantings, hardscapes, and any other elements that are important to you.  Light has the ability to transform an outdoor space into the perfect living and entertaining area by creating safety, ambiance and a comfortable atmosphere.  You will be amazed at the visual impact lighting can have on your home and landscape!



Outdoor lighting benefits







Safety. Security.  - Increasing visibility doesn't have to come at the expense of subtlety! Transition areas, elevation changes, pathways and dark corners are lit with a gentle touch, providing just the right amount of light in just the right place.


Extend your outdoors into the evening!
Your enjoyment of the investment in your landscapes and hardscape doesn't have to end at sunset! Entertain, relax and enjoy 
your unique creation in a whole new light.



LED-Expandable & Dependable -Lighting with Architectural grade LED fixtures and lamps guarantees years of hassle-free illumination-at a fraction of the cost of halogen lighting, and LED is simple to expand upon.

Control-At your fingertips. Options abound when it comes to controlling your illumination. From simple and dependable astrological timers, to smart-phone based apps, lighting controls have never been more customized.


Professional installation. Our designs are subtle, original and creative. Our installations are clean, efficient, and professional


The finest names in the industry- Lighting is design. Design demands flexibility. We install fixtures from a variety of industry leading manufacturers, allowing us to stay as close as possible to your vision.





LED Lighting Advantages


  • 50,000 hour LED lamp life (12-15 years!)
  • LED lighting systems run much cooler
  • Less wire required to install LED lighting                                                                                SEE MORE BRILLIANCE HERE!

The Bottom line is...LED=Savings.  In both resources and money.

Let's look a the cost of a typical 600W Halogen System vs an LED System. We'll run both Systems for 6 hours per night, 365 days per year.


The Halogen System will use 1,314 KW Hours per Year. At $.12 per kilowatt hour, that's going to cost us $160.00 to run that Halogen System for a year!

Then add the cost of replacement lamps, labor to install them, and the average Halogen system will cost a conservative $285.00 per year to operate!! 

Same quality light, same amount of time, the LED System is going to use only 158 kilowatt hours!! We're going to save $266.00 per year with LED!

Now multiply that over the life of a 35,000 hour rated LED lamp system (that's over 15 years of use) and we're talking over $4,000.00 in savings!!


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